How can I get an instrument?

Cambridgeshire Music can help you to obtain a musical instrument in a variety of different ways. All of these can be requested by logging into your account (or setting one up) and using our online ordering.


You can:

1. Book a "played" instrument for a minimum of 4 months from our County Instrument Bank. These instruments are maintained by Cambridgeshire Music and will be automatically replaced should they develop a fault. Clients are responsible for ensuring they are stored in cases correctly, not mishandled by those other than the learner and"consumables" are replaced e.g. broken strings, new reeds, valve oil. All out bank instruments are loaned at the low cost of £5 per month, even the most complex. For the largest instruments such as double basses and tubas which are less portable we will (subject to availability) try to locate an instrument with the learner and a second one at the lesson location to assist. For practical reasons we are unable to offer some instruments for example pianos, drum kits. If we are unable to provide an instrument we will on request offer advice and information on suitable sources.

2. Purchase a new instrument package from us including discounts where permitted for VAT free purchase (portable instrument only). For those instruments available this is suitable either for the complete beginner or a learner moving on from an instrument bank instrument. Payment can be made in full or spread over a number of months through our loan system. Our packages include:
- a brand new instrument that will last (we don't provide the cheapest instruments for this reason)
- a music bag to store books and music
- an instrument stand for practice at home
- included servicing arrangements with the supplier to keep your instrument in good condition

3. Identify your own choice of instrument, model, supplier and cost and benefit from VAT free purchase (portable instruments only) by ordering through us. We will order an pay for your instrument as soon as the ex VAT payment is received from you. You will normally need to collect the instrument from our main office.