Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get music lessons for my child?

You can request a lesson either via your school music coordinator/music department or directly to us via our online request system. Once we have your request we will source a music coach to provide the lessons and update you within 10 days if we are unable to do so. If you have any queries please do call us at any time on 01480 373500. Please note that our office is small and we won't always be able to take your call immediately but will call you back if you leave us a message.

Can I organise a "trial" session to see if I like the instrument?

Yes, you can book a single trial session with us through the request system and we will try and set this up as soon as possible.

When will lessons start?

Lessons can start as soon as a coach has a space available, subject to confirmation being received from you to go ahead and payment made for the first set of sessions prior to the start date.

How much practice should a learner do at home?

There is no fixed answer of course to this question. The most important aspect for child learners is that there is interest from parents and carers in the child's learning, including listening to practice. It is usually more beneficial at the early stage to do a little practice regularly rather than a lot once a week! Your coach should encourage practice of parts of pieces carefully rather than just play through the work set in order to develop their skills. As learners become more experienced they will need to and hopefully want to play for longer in their practice sessions. Taking part in bands and ensembles is another way to develop playing and understanding skills on top of their lesson and usually leads to a faster rate of progression.

What is the credit system and how are payments made?

We ask learners to book a block of at least 10 credits at a time and payments are made through our secure online payment system - this allows our music coaches to plan ahead their time and the learning. A credit is used up for each lesson provided, including those missed by the learner where the coach was available. If the music coach is absent a credit is not used up. Credits are also used for our music coaches attending a learner's exam if taken, parent's evenings and school events involving learners with their coach or other similar music related activities.

How do I top up my credits?

Credits can be topped up at any time, just go into your account and for existing orders you will be able to click on the top-up link to order and make payment. Additionally when credits reduce to 5 or less you will receive weekly reminder alerts to renew.

How do I end lessons?

If you should need to end lessons then you just let your credits run out. Of course it helps our music coaches to plan ahead if you can let them know that you will stopping at the end of your current order - you can do this from your account or of course via an email to us or your coach.