Music Lessons


This is the list of schools where we provide lessons.

Cambridgeshire Music provides instrumental and vocal tuition in schools with whom we have a partnership. The drop down list above shows which schools we are currently working with.

If your school does not provide lessons through Cambridgeshire Music then we can also provide lessons through our music academies. Please register using the normal link and specify a music academy lesson.

Bursaries are avaiable for families eligible for free school meals or who are looked after students. This bursary provides 100% of the cost of one set of tuition i.e one instrument per child in any family. For more information.


Lesson Grouping

Cambridgeshire Music provides group lessons, which are extremely beneficial to students' musical development, providing the opportunity for young people to learn and play music with each other, using participation and observation skills. Groups may range in size from 2-6 participants but will be appropriate for the level of development and instrument pedagogy, as well as to the size of room available for teaching.

An individual lesson may be provided where requested, or due to teaching requirements or student ability. Advanced students working towards higher grades often require more detailed tuition and so are more suited to an individual lesson.

It is important to match students effectively within a tuition group, taking into account factors such as age, musical experience and rate of learning. Once the group size has been selected it is up to the Cambridgeshire Music teacher to reorganise groups as required, liaising with schools and parents.

Cambridgeshire Music will endeavour to provide tuition as required for any requested instrument but it must be recognised that occasionally there will be insuffient demand for some instruments in some schools and it would not be economic to provide the necessary support.


Lesson Duration

Cambridgeshire Music lessons will vary in length depending on group size. Lesson duration is based on the following recommendations.


When it is necessary for CM to provide an individual lesson this will be either 20 or 30 minutes depending on the needs of the student or parental request

Group lessons will normally be 30 minutes in length (sometimes a school will arrange 20 minute lessons for pairs of students).

No lesson should be less than 20 minutes otherwise progression may not be possible in the time available.

Students need to be encouraged to ensure on days they have a music lesson that they are sure that they will have everything they need before they leave for school - valuable lesson time can be wasted hunting through rucksacks for their notebooks or music!


Student Absence

Refunds for student absences cannot be given. Should a student be known to be away in advance it may sometimes be possible for a teacher to reorganise tuition in such a way as to ensure the students lesson can be delivered, however this cannot be guaranteed.


Raising Concerns

Should there be any concerns about services or tuition then these should be notified via email, phone or letter to the Head of Cambridgeshire Music. Cambridgeshire Music has quick and clear procedures for managing concerns, so please provide as much detail as possible.

Should there be an issue of child protection then please contact the Head of Cambridgeshire Music immediately.