Register your child for Music Tuition

To register a child for Music Tuition, or to join an Area Academy or the County Academy please complete the registration process on the Cambridgeshire County Council website. Students will be registered for the start of the September term 2010. Tuition will start in the third week of term and confirmation will not be sent until the first week of September.


Registrations for Instrumental lessons 2011-2012

If registrations are received before the 31st August the lessons should be able to start in September - if staff and schools have the capacity to accommodate the lessons.

If registrations are received after the 1st September the next possible start date will be the 31st October.

Please register as soon as possible if you wish lessons to commence in September.

Contact the business team on 01480 373500 if there are any queries concerning the registration process.


Register here


Sample Costs

No in group Session Cost
2-6 Beginners 30 minutes £66 per term First term discount
2-6 Continuing 30 minutes £99 per term
1 20 minutes £144 per term
1 (Grade 5 +) 30 minutes £144 per term
1 30 minutes £216 per term